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Based on the famous vintage Austrian mics our

recreation is a mixed design of old and new technology

reproducing the smooth and natural sound of those all-time favourite (rare and expensive) classics.

Our microphones are only using premium parts:

- Handbuilt on custom acrilic point-to-point turret boards.

- High quality natural sound ck12 capsule made in EU.

- Custom made T14 transformer.

- NOS selected General Electric/JAN USA 6072 or 12AY7 tube.

- NOS selected Mullard UK 12AT7WA tube.


Each of our microphones are handbuilt with care,and tested carefully.


NLP ELAM comes with all necessary accessories:

- Super durable ABS case.

- Custom made velvet covered mic box.

- Swivel mount with 5meters Sommer cable.

- Custom made power supplies for 110/220V worldwide operation.

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